Thank you for stopping by the Gatego booth!

Thank you for stopping by the Gatego booth!

Our recap of the F3 event

Networking was amazing!

We had many great conversations with folks from the freight/logistics space, which allowed us to meet and hear out new people. Networking is a great way to find potential business partners and discover new ways of collaborating to solve specific needs and create new use cases for Gatego. At the end of the day, we all want the transportation industry to move forward so that the community can benefit from the technological changes that are transforming the game for good.

The speakers

In addition to the great conversations we had, there were a lot of great speakers like the visionary science master, Michio Kaku, and the legendary negotiator, Chris Voss. And obviously the one and only, Craig Fuller, who crushed it for 3 days in a row unfolding great and very insightful conversations.

Brad Jacobs at F3 2023

The fun

The F3 event is getting bigger and better every year, and the fun atmosphere was no exception. The Gatego team had a blast at F3! We had the opportunity to hang out with guys from the space and party hard with them. As the quote says: โ€œPlay hard, work hard.โ€, and that is exactly what we did at FreighWaves 2023. We are definitely looking forward to next yearโ€™s event, I'm sure it will get even better.

Video recap

To finish off, here is a video recap of Gatego at the event, make sure to check it out and follow us on our socials! See you next year F3!